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● Body size: 220 × 435 mm / ● Weight: about 1.6 kg / ● Icemaker capacity: about 650 ml◆ Shaving ice part material: ● (Body / handle / stopper): ABS resin (heat resistant temperature 70 ° C) / ● (Main shaft / Ice stopper screw): Stainless steel / ◆ Icemaker part material: ● (Main body): polypropylene (heat resistant temperature 110 ° C, cold proof temperature - 20 ° C) / ● (Icemaker cup): polyethylene (heat resistant temperature 90 ° C., cold proof temperature - 30 ° C.)◆ accessories: ● Hex wrench/ ● Japanese Recipe Book / ● Japanese Instruction Manual● Japanese Instruction Manual URL(PDF):

Product features ★ Fluffy shaved ice like a specialty shop can be easily enjoyed at home "authentic ice shelter. ◆ We aimed at high-end shaving ice maker for business, we took the know-how of the knife manufacturer "Kai" and developed it. ● It is decorated with a thin and fluffy cutting edge, and you can enjoy the pleasant feel of ice being thinly scraped out each time you turn the steering wheel. ● Ideal ice making machine to further deepen the taste of shaved ice is also designed and developed independently, it is possible to make transparent ice easy to cut ice with little impurities. ● As an interior, please adopt a retro feeling design that you can enjoy, from the classic shaved ice to shaved ice, a little sticking to it, enjoy a variety of coolness. ◆ With its unique structure to hold the ice firmly and cutting edge utilizing the know-how of the knife manufacturer, ● Professional shaved ice can be enjoyed easily at home. ● Every time you turn the steering wheel, you will feel a comfortable feel to shave the ice thin. ◆ Over time, with a special ice maker to make block ice with high transparency. ● Because there is depth, you can make ice of a transparent block like you bought at a store. ● The capacity is 650 mm. I can make ice for three adults with plenty size. The taste of shaved ice further deepens. ※ ● Detailed description: Newsbridge

Kai House full-fledged Ice shaver DL7521【Japan Domestic genuine products】 QIAUSHZKE

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