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Yucca Palm - Artificial TreeOverall length: 2 ft (60cm), unpottedPlanter for demonstration purpose only - not included.Basic care: information included with every purchase.SHIPPING BY AIRMAIL FROM HONG KONG, CHINA.

5 sand colour pre-knotted trunks in different lengths. Inner cores fitted with steel wiring for flexible shaping. Mounted onto a round PVC platform with a 2" pin (incl. in length) for easy and stable planting.

153 textile leaves, designed to 'fan-out' naturally. Foliage heads (poms) are graduating sizes to enhance realism and balance. Dark green leaves w/red stripes along the leaf edge with lighter green leaves in the pom centres.

Free moss is included with purchase.

Requires potting and arranging - sold unpotted.

2ft Yucca Palm Artificial Tree WITHOUT POT MKVQYFXPC

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