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>>Easy to use>>Slim body>> 2 safety locks>>2 operation mode- Seal only, Seal and Vacuum>>15 free bags in the package

Vacuum packing reduces atmospheric oxygen, limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi, and preventing the evaporation of volatile components.
It is also commonly used to store dry foods over a long period of time, such as cereals, nuts, cured meats, cheese, smoked fish, coffee, and potato
chips (crisps). On a more short term basis, vacuum packing can also be used to store fresh foods, such as vegetables, meats, and liquids, because it
inhibits bacterial growth.

This product has powerful suction quickly removes air from bags, and heating bar can create a tight, secure seal.Meanwhile the ultra slim body design
can save more space room.

1, Two operation mode: a)Seal only; b)Vacuum and seal;
2, 2-safety-lock design can keep upper cover tightly locked when it's working;
3, Powerful suction auickly removes air from bags;
4, Ultra slim body design;

1, Power Supply: AC 110V - 120V/60Hz;
2, Power Consumption: 90W;
3, Weight: 1.3lb;
4, Size: 14.5 x 2.75 x 2.04 inch;
5, Vacuum Degree: -45Kpa/ -60Kpa;

Package included:
1, Vacuum sealer machine;
2, User manual;
3, 15 free vacuum bags;

2018 Vacuum Sealer food saver Vacuum Packing Machine with 15pcs Sealer Bags FCHZDHFMN

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