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Arrives Faster than Estimated Delivery TimeEasy to Use! Just Removing Backing and Place on your Icing!Instructions included on Back of Packing Slip. Message us on with any questions and we will answer asap!Perfect Solution for the home baker!Each strip is approx 2.25" x 9.5" and has three strips per sheet. Choose your size in the dropdown menu. If making multi-tiered cakes, choose one of each size cake you will make. If you have a different size cake, refer to the chart below for sizing info and purchase the number of sheets needed. Message us with any questions!

Edible icing art is a great way to make a cake and cupcakes look fantastic and professional. These are an easy and inexpensive way to make your cake look like a masterpiece. All icing images come with instructions. Simply remove the edible icing art from backing and place on sides of freshly iced cake. After 15 to 25 minutes the edible icing art will blend with the frosting to give your cake a professional look. Prints are professionally printed on compressed icing sheets. Each topper is shipped in a plastic zip lock bag. No refrigeration is necessary! Kosher! Gluten Free! Soy Free! Trans-Fat Free! No Known Allergens! No Peanut Products Added! Printed on high quality edible icing paper (not wafer or rice paper) using high quality edible ink, also certified kosher. Ingredients: Water, Cornstarch, Corn Syrup Solids, Cellulose, Sorbotol, Glycerine, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Arabic Gum, Polysorbate 80, Vanilla, Titanium Dioxide, Citric Acid. Use this chart for ordering your strips: Each strip is approx 2.25" x 9.5" and has three strips per sheet. Round Cake Size - Linear Inches - Strips Needed: 8" Round - 25.12" - 3 Strips 10" Round - 31.4" - 4 Strips 12" Round - 37.68" - 4 Strips 14" Round - 44" - 5 Strips 16" Round - 50.24" - 6 Strips 18" Round - 56.52" - 6 Strips Square Cake Size - Linear Inches - Strips Needed: 6" Square - 24" - 3 Strips 8" Square - 32" - 4 Strips 10" Square - 40" - 4 Strips 12" Square - 48" - 5 Strips 14" Square - 56" - 6 Strips 16" Square - 64" - 7 Strips 18" Square - 72" - 8 Strips

1 4 Sheet Pink Camo Designer Strips Edible Cake Borders CHCQQLRVV

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